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Absa Bank Botswana partners with BWConnecSpaces to Drive Local and Regional Entrepreneurship Engagement

Over the years, Absa Bank Botswana has focused on finding sustainable solutions to support and grow entrepreneurship. To this end, the bank has partnered with BWConnecSpaces, a digital platform committed to providing the public with a wealth of knowledge and insights courtesy of local and regional entrepreneurs, experts, and thought leaders.

BWConnecSpaces utilises Twitter and different podcasts, to produce content for and by Botswana and African experts and thought leaders. It focuses on telling Botswana and African stories to pass on skills, knowledge, motivation, and mentoring in different industries, on different issues affecting entrepreneurs. The Spaces are produced fortnightly, and the recorded podcasts can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify several, Google podcasts, and Anchor.

“Driving entrepreneurial growth remains one of our key focus areas. We recognise the role we can and must play in working to deliver progress for Botswana and her people, and we are committed to doing just that. Moreover, we are alive to the opportunities that the growth and use of digital media affords Businesses and communities. Our partnership with BWConnecSpaces is one of the means through which we live our purpose of helping Batswana find ways to get things done,” said Dennis Mambure, Head of Marketing and Corporate Relations, Absa Bank Botswana.

Entrepreneurs are the heartbeat of any economy. Absa Bank Botswana’s strategy is anchored in the concept of shared value, leveraging the bank’s core business and know-how to drive societal and economic change. As a leading, purpose-led African bank, Absa is inspired to unlock the potential of the continent and its people.

The bank continues to create purposeful and innovative platforms and services that support entrepreneurship as a way of cultivating economic growth, youth inclusion, and empowerment which lead to sustainable and industry development. This has been demonstrated through the Absa Bank Enterprise and Supply Chain Development (ESD) program.

“We believe in creating opportunities for our clients, customers, and communities, recognising their potential, and supporting them every step of the way to achieve their goals,” concluded Dennis Mambure.


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