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Absa Bank Botswana resumes its operations in Shakawe following a temporary closure of the branch

Following the announcement of the temporary closure of the Shakawe branch in 2018, Absa Bank Botswana has announced the re-opening of the Shakawe branch which will be officiated by Bank of Botswana Governor Moses D Pelaelo.
Absa Bank Botswana is committed to creating a conducive banking environment to drive greater financial inclusion for its customers. The bank prides itself as a market leader in being a financial partner that values financial inclusion as it operates in 6 other places where no other bank has a presence. The temporary closure and relocation of this branch to the new Mall provides easier access to convenient banking services. This facility provides enhanced services to the Shakawe community in general.
The branch was designed based on the refreshed Absa brand with its new look and feel as the bank -aligned with what customers want and in keeping with current trends. With this new facility the Bank will be able to provide better service in Shakawe. It will be able to expand the scope of its solutions and services in the region. In addition, it will offer a wider variety of products in this area with well-trained employees who will be able to provide additional services to customers.
“Our team here in Shakawe is excited to be able to bring your possibilities to life through our complete package of banking services to the community. Our difference is our commitment to putting our customers at the center of everything we do. We are excited to serve the many small to medium-size businesses seeking a bank that can help them find the right banking solutions to meet their unique needs in addition to providing competitive banking products and the state of the art technology,“ said Keabetswe Pheko-Moshagane, Managing Director Absa Bank Botswana.

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