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Absa Bank Botswana sponsors Gaborone International Music and Culture Week (GIMC)

As part of the bank’s commitment to supporting the local art and creative sector, Absa Bank Botswana has announced that it is the lead sponsor of the upcoming Gaborone International Music (GIMC) Jazz festival. The sponsorship valued at P300 000, aims to drive positive change and impact in the arts and culture sector.

“As a bank, we are constantly seeking new ways to enhance our contributions towards our communities. At Absa Bank Botswana Limited we are thrilled about the opportunity to support the local arts and creative sector. We acknowledge the value of the sector, its overall impact on our society and expanding economy,” said Krishnan Menon, Acting Managing Director, Absa Bank Botswana.

The Bank’s strategy is founded on shared value to use its expertise and core competencies to promote societal and economic change. Unlocking the potential of the continent inspires Absa Bank Botswana as a leading, purpose-driven African bank. As a corporate entity, the Bank is in a strong position to connect big dreamers, ideas, and resources to address local challenges by acting as a catalyst and an active force for good in the communities it operates.

“I am delighted to be receiving this sponsorship and partnership from Absa Bank Botswana. This will go a long way in helping us to deliver an international standard jazz concert. Additionally, the soci0-economic benefits will trickle down to the SMMEs who will be providing services during the GIMC such as the food stalls. The show is part of an intentional Pan-African cultural tourism drive where not only us will benefit from but the rest of Batswana and Africa will benefit and offer a learning cultural exchange experience. Absa has proven through this sponsorship that they are truly an ‘Africanacity’ bank and we hope the journey between us will continue,” said Thapelo ‘Fish’ Pabalinga, Founder of GIMC.

Over the years, Absa Bank Botswana has supported the art and creative sector. This includes a partnership with Kuru Dance Festival, the Maitisong theater which was contracted to do a drama series focusing on Africanacity, and the Jazzspel festival which was a program established to develop young talent by providing them with professional support and guidance as well as a platform to perform to the public. Founded in 2014, GIMC is an annual festival that showcases local, regional, and international artists in a bouquet of various genres of arts predominantly musical shows, comedy, and poetry. In 2015, the Association of African festivals based in London rated GIMC the 7th biggest Music and Culture festival in Africa.

“Through this partnership, we have the chance to demonstrate our unwavering dedication to the arts and creative sector and to foster the growth of the local talent and skill base. Absa Bank Botswana remains committed to providing support to the local creative arts industry and helping them find ways to get things done,” concluded Menon.


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