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Bomaid addresses Enquiries Brewing in the Public’ Atmosphere

On the 12th of July 2023, Bomaid invites media for a press brief to address enquiries and confusion that have come to their attention.

In 2022 Bomaid took in the journey focusing on a strategy which would run up until December 2026 and heading on with this strategy Bomaid took it as their role to go beyond merely transactional but to focus closely on the interest in evaluation the values that the Bomaid customers who are also shareholders in this case, in making sure the customers receive the clinical interventions that they are paying for.

Foundational to their approach Bomaid focuses on two key concepts which are Value Based Care (this concept is basically on how the Value Based Care ‘VBC’ ties the amount that health care providers and for their services to the results they deliver to their patients and aims on promoting quality of care over the quantity of services.In short this concept of VBC, Bomaid is more focused on changing the focus and make sure people get the right quality of care). 

The second key concept is called the Patients Centered Care basically known as Personalized Care, in summary this concept deals with the individuals particular health care needs. The goal of this concept is to empower patients to become active participants in the management of their care. A core principle of this concept is really personalization.

Bomaid CEO, Moraki Mokgosana

“380 general practitioners and about 189 specialists are registered on the platform and one of the key priorities Dr. Kebabonye will be handling is to work with these health care practitioners towards the goal of value-based care,” said Bomaid CEO, Mr. Moraki Mokgosana. 




Dr. Malebogo Kebabonye joined the Bomaid family earlier this year as the Chief Clinical Services Officer and is excited to push forth the Bomaid vision and motto.

“One of the Bomaid motto is that being a companion in health doesn’t mean just being a companion to the Bomaid members, but it also means to be a companion to the whole ecosystem and further aims to be a companion to the government,” shares Dr Kebabonye.

Chief Clinical Services Officer, Dr. Malebogo Kebabonye.

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