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Bomaid Celebrates 50 Year Milestone

2020 marked the 50th anniversary for Bomaid, however due to the social distancing restrictions last year, the company did not get the opportunity to celebrate the occasion the way it would have liked to have. Bomaid has, over its 50 years of existence, impacted many people’s lives by ensuring that they have access to quality healthcare. As such, Bomaid intends to run a testimonial campaign that will see some of its members sharing the companionship Bomaid offered them at the time of need.


On 30 June 2021, Bomaid held a press briefing which marked the beginning of the external BOM50 celebrations. Following the briefing, Bomaid will continue to share its success story in various media platforms such as broadcast and print media. Speaking at the briefing, Bomaid Board Chairperson Emmanuel Maite said, “We are most humbled by the heritage that has left for us by the Boards that have come before and are privileged for this opportunity to continue to grow Bomaid from strength to strength. We are also honoured to play a role in contributing to the wellness, health and, ultimately, the happiness of Batswana and to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. Ultimately, it is our intention to strive to achieve the singular goal of positioning Bomaid as “The companion, for healthier happier lives.” 2020 was a deeply unusual year. Despite the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have entered 2021 with much optimism about the future of Bomaid. I am proud to report that through the foresight of the 2017-2021 Strategy we have realised, and in some cases exceeded, much of what we aimed to achieve. As we have started to plan for the next five years, we are excited and reinvigorated by the opportunities that we see in the horizon.”

As the Covid-19 pandemic hit Botswana in April 2020, the Bomaid Board approved the enhancement of benefits to support its members who were at risk of exposure. This included a variety of interventions and provided for supplements, testing, emotional support and hospitalisation. This is in addition to the existing arrangement that was in place for evacuation of members to health facilities. Additionally, in support of governments’ initiative to combat the pandemic, the Board approved a P2 million donation to the Presidential Covid-19 Fund.

Further to that, Maite explained, “We also proactively, set aside a sum of BWP 30 Million aimed at managing the potential risks posed by this disease to our members. It is always our intention to stay true to our purpose and to demonstrate our keenness to be in the forefront of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic as we were when the HIV/Aids scourge was decimating our population in the 1990’s. It is with this in mind that we consistently challenge ourselves to ensure that balance sheet of Bomaid is robust enough.”

According to Bomaid Chief Executive Officer Moraki Mokgosana, the company’s strategic initiatives are underpinned by their technology and innovation strategy. A key part of the successful achievement of becoming a self- administered fund was the core business system, Thobo. The new core system manages transactions, contributions and claims amongst other key functions. The shift was in line with modern business trends that rely on digitization and technology to support business strategy. Despite great strides made in this regard, for Bomaid, cybersecurity is an emerging risk that requires close monitoring and mitigation.

In conclusion, Maite said, “Ultimately, our goal is to improve or maintain our members’ health thereby contributing to the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal 3 and ensuring that our Members will continue to enjoy unparalleled access to healthcare. With 10 months of claims cover at the end of 2020, we are comfortable that Bomaid is not only adequately capitalised the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic but to remain sustainable for another 50 years and beyond.”

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