Botswana Life Insurance Limited (Botswana Life) is Botswana’s longest servicing and only home-grown life insurer and was established in 1975. On the 22nd of March 2023, Botswana Life re-launched its Affluent division offering value proposition and esteemed service lounge, which cater for a niche market segment that has specific needs and preferences.

As a first of its kind in the Botswana insurance market, the Affluent division within the multi-faceted Botswana Life, seeks to provides bespoke solutions for high-net-worth individuals who require specialized wealth management advice and access to international investment opportunities. The offering is focused on addressing the complex needs of affluent customers such as investment strategies, risk profile, tax implications, estate planning and a lot more.

The Insurer continues its commitment to deliver innovative solutions in the form of products and services in line with the insurer’s customer centricity value to meet customers’ complex financial goals and challenges that require tailor-made strategies and solutions.

Botswana Life, through its Affluent division, renews its committed to providing excellent service to customers through efficient and effective financial management by leveraging on technology and digital platforms to enhance customer experience and convenience. Premised on protecting and creating new value in new ways through collaboration and co-creation for stakeholders, Botswana Life’s strategy informed the creation of the Affluent division. Botswana Life continues to enhance not simply the customer experience but the nation’s journey towards sustainable economic development.

Botswana Life’s Chief Executive Officer, Ronald J. Samuels

“Botswana Life recognizes the importance of corporate-state cooperation in achieving sustainable economic growth for Botswana. We appreciate the support and guidance from the government as well as other stakeholders in creating an enabling environment for our business” said Botswana Life CEO, Mr. Ronald Samuels.


The new Botswana Life Affluent Client Suite permits clients to have appointment access to advisors to give them the counsel and expert support they need to keep growing and to perpetuate an appetite and culture of continued growth. The expertise of these wealth managers gives Botswana Life Affluent clients a bespoke, holistic view of clients’ investments.

Concluded Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Director of Insurance and Pensions, Ms. Patrinah Masalela, As we strive to move our people across this beautiful nation towards a more high-income status, we recognise the need for Batswana’s increased participation in the capital markets, their increased levels of financial and indeed digital literacy, appreciation of and involvement with financial inclusion a critical part of Botswana’s economic development and greater active efforts to save, invest and grow their wealth, with associated cushions from insurance solutions and risk management.  These are the onus of the individuals – people across the country – and it is our duty as Government and as the private sector to support them in this endeavour.”

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