Botswana telecommunications cooperation in partnership with Hollard Botswana launches the Karabo Funeral Plan powered by BTC Smega mobile money held at BTC headquarters Gaborone.

Giving her remarks, the Hollard Botswana representative Tabuya Tau, highlighted that this initiative was made to break down barriers for those who earn no or little, no bank accounts or for different people in Botswana to have a funeral policy for them and their loved ones. Tau further added that Karabo is convenient, accessible for it only starts at P10 for the ten thousand Pula cover, treats everyone fairly and with dignity.

The Collaboration for the Karabo Funeral Plan for both BTC and Hollard was made for Batswana to pay and have easy access to their insurance policies with their BTC Smega accounts. Karabo Funeral Plan is a product used to provide cash benefits to the market therefore it covers policy holders their children, parents, grandchildren from as little as P10 and a waiting period of 6 months for it to cover loved ones. Batswana who are 18 years to 70 years are eligible to register for the Karabo Funeral Plan and can upgrade their premiums with time with a monthly policy payment.

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