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Debswana Jwaneng Mine To Host Paralympics Sports Games

Jwaneng Mine will be hosting Paralympics sports games on the 14th and 15th of April 2023. This initiative is to empower people who are differently able and pave a way for other organizations to take stands and support the people with disabilities.
Debswana Jwaneng Mine’s General Manager, Mr. Koolatotse Koolatotse states that the mine aims to stand by people who are differently able hence they introduced and are hiring people with disabilities as a way of showing that even if a person is disabled, they still can live a life and work like any other person. He encourages that companies need more special needs people into their workforce.
“The aim is to empower those that think they don’t have a talent because of their disabilities to see their capabilities and as the mine we intend to hire up to 100 disabled people by the end of 2023 with so far we have managed to employ 24,” said Jwaneng Mine’s GM, Mr. Koolatotse Koolatotse during the officially launch of the Paralympics sports event.
Present at the official launch in Jwaneng was one of the employees’ of Jwaneng mine who is differently able, and she had the opportunity to share on her journey and how Debswana has supported her and her colleagues throughout example being providing vehicles that can accommodate wheelchairs.

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