Dichaba Consumer Electronics (DICE) Spearheads Growth in Botswana’s Manufacturing Industry

In a bid to invigorate Botswana’s consumer electronics manufacturing industry, Dichaba Consumer Electronics (DICE) emerged as the leading force, igniting economic growth and creating sustainable employment opportunities. As the sole player in this sector within the country, DICE is rallying support from the local community to fortify the industry and contribute to the overall prosperity of Botswana’s economy.

DICE, a prominent Pan-African company, is driven by an unwavering mission to uplift African livelihoods through the provision of cutting-edge consumer electronics powered by innovative and creative technology. Recognizing the pivotal role of manufacturing in economic progress, DICE aspires to cultivate a robust manufacturing ecosystem that benefits both businesses and the local community.

“Manufacturing plays a pivotal role in driving economic progress, spurring innovation, and strengthening communities. However, like many other industries, it faces diverse challenges that necessitate collective efforts to overcome. By joining forces, we can construct a resilient manufacturing ecosystem that empowers businesses and uplifts the local community,” emphasizes Nikki Chigodora, CEO of DICE.

Chigodora further underscores the untapped potential of Botswana, stating, “At DICE, we recognize the untapped potential of our country and firmly believe that by nurturing the consumer electronics manufacturing industry, we can unlock tremendous growth opportunities. We call upon stakeholders across businesses, government entities, educational institutions, and community organizations to collaborate and support initiatives that promote local manufacturing.”

DICE’s vision transcends mere economic growth, aiming to create significant employment prospects for the citizens of Botswana. Chigodora emphasizes, “Our dream is to provide employment for over 13,000 Batswana in the next three years, and this ambitious goal can only be achieved through the collective support of all involved in the ecosystem. By uniting and championing our local manufacturing industry, we can forge a prosperous future for our community. Together, we possess the power to create a thriving ecosystem that attracts investments, generates employment opportunities, and contributes to the overall well-being of our country.”

Established in 2017, DICE stands as a 100% citizen-owned contract manufacturing company, specialising in delivering consumer electronic manufacturing services to diverse clients, with a strong focus on white label products. Already holding an off-taker agreement with Ditec Mobile, a Botswana-based brand that supplies an extensive range of consumer electronics to multiple African countries, DICE is primed for expansion. With the procurement of three assembly lines and one packaging line, DICE is poised to efficiently serve its target markets, capitalizing on Africa’s burgeoning demand for consumer electronics.

“DICE has identified a niche market in Africa, which stands as the world’s second-largest mobile market. Driven by our ambitious plans and a resolute dedication to becoming a Pan-African export-oriented company, we possess unwavering confidence in the growth potential of the consumer electronics industry throughout Africa,” notes Chigodora.

As DICE forges ahead, blazing a trail for Botswana’s manufacturing industry, their commitment to innovation, job creation, and economic prosperity serves as a testament to their vision. By fostering collaboration and supporting local manufacturing, DICE endeavors to transform Botswana into a vibrant hub for consumer electronics, stimulating the growth and development of the entire nation.

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