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                Business Continuity

                                     three innovative solutions for support,   access  in  the  Letshego  Group  of  Companies
                                     mentoring and opportunities to transform the   throughout Africa.”
                                     entrepreneur’s future growth potential into a
                                     reality.                               At the  end of the  Pitch Session, the  panel
                                                                            of judges comprising select executives from
                                     Prior to the commencement of the Pitch Session,   Letshego’s  Botswana  office  and  its  markets
                                     Letshego’s Group  Chief Executive, Andrew   across  Africa commended the  entrepreneurs
                                     Okai, said the Group remains committed to   on their outstanding submissions and creative
                                     developing  a  relentless  innovation culture   concepts. The  top  three  nominations for
                                     on its journey to create a world-class retail   Letshego /  BIH Pitch Day innovation  were
                                     financial services organisation.       awarded as follows:

                                     “We aim to achieve this by leveraging digital   Position  1:  Kwiky represented by Titose
                                     innovation,  strategic  partnerships  and  Chembezi - Awarded P30,000 prize money.
                                     eco-system thinking to enhance customer   Kwiky is a Business to Business to Consumer
                                     experience and increase access to simple and   (B2B2C) solution that facilitates access  to
                                     appropriate  financial  solutions  for  emerging   financial  services  for  the  underbanked  by
                                     market consumers across the Group’s    accessing mobile  phone  and mobile  wallet
                                     11-country footprint. Our partnership with   transaction data from various data points
                                     Botswana Innovation Hub is a valuable way   including  parastatals,  research  agencies  and
               BIH CEO Alan Boshwaen
                                     that Letshego can support local technology   onboarding  ‘Know  Your  Customer’  (KYC)
                                     innovation  by  providing  financial  support,   documentation, integrating this concept into
                                     business expertise and potential introductions   a comprehensive credit risk framework to
                                     within our existing network. Our ambition is   support financial services.
                                     to use our strengths and expertise to enable
                                     entrepreneurs to expand their growth and   Position  2: Digital Diamond represented
                                     income potential. Letshego strongly believes   by Mthabisi Bokete - Awarded P15,000 prize
                                     that,  through  effective  partnerships,  we  can   money. Digital Diamond is  a free  online
                                     grow our collective potential exponentially,”   and    offline  instant  identification  application
                                     said Okai.                             that  supports  the  financial  services  sector,  to
               Our partnership                                              facilitate  KYC  and  credit  applications  across
                with Botswana        Okai noted that entrepreneurship and   geographical borders.
                Innovation Hub       innovation are  the  most important elements   Position 3: PCG Software represented by
                                     of today’s emerging economies globally. “Our
                   is a valuable     purpose is to bridge the gap for entrepreneurs   Letsibogo  Ramadi  -  Awarded  P10,000 prize
                 way Letshego        between   securing   sustainable   financial   money. PCG Software is a digital solution
                    can support      solutions that unlock growth and income   firm  specialising  in  tailor-made  mobile
              local technology       potential, without hindering future growth.   development  and  web-based  projects.
                     innovation      “Digitisation is also another key enabler – not   PCG  Software  has  developed  ‘Mogwebi
                   by providing      only in today’s pandemic conditions – but also   CyberPlaza,’  a virtual networking and trade
                                     in creating successful future  organisations.
                                                                            platform that connects businesses to an
             financial support,      Letshego  has   just  announced  our   unlimited online audience to support business
            business expertise       transformational strategy that is underpinned   continuity,  especially  as  we  manage through
                  and potential      by digital innovation. Innovation that aims to   the COVID-19 pandemic.
                  introductions      deliver greater value and benefits well into the
           within our existing       future – for our people, our customers and our   The winning solutions will work with the
                                     strategic partners.”
                                                                            partners to manage subsequent development
                       network.                                             of the proof of concepts. This will include
                                     Botswana Innovation Hub Chief Executive   innovation sprints  sessions  and  hackathons,
                                     Officer  and  host,  Alan  Boshwaen,  said  the   leveraging Botswana Innovation Hub’s tried
                                     Pitch Session was unique as it showcased   and tested innovation management framework
                                     public and private sector collaboration in   to either support Letshego directly, or the
                                     action. “It is also unique because it does not   economies and communities where Letshego
                                     only incentivise the winning start-ups, but it   operates across Africa.
                                     introduces them to an opportunity to access
                                     structured  products  at  Letshego  and  market
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