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                 Celebrating                                  45        Years                          INSURANCE

                 of Life and More, with

                 Botswana Life

                                                                          otswana Life Insurance Limited (Botswana Life)
                                                                          celebrates 45 years of heritage and making a
                                                                          meaningful  difference  in  the  lives  of  Batswana.
                                                                  BWith a series of activities and celebrations taking
                                                                  place across the business and its branches, the 1  of November
                                                                  marks the 45   anniversary  since  the  legacy  company  first
                                                                  opened its doors to Batswana.
                                                                  Botswana Life Chief Executive Officer, Ronald Samuels said,
                                                                  “We are proud to have partnered with Batswana over the
                                                                  years. No other insurer has invested in Botswana as we have,
                                                                  with 45 years of ensuring that Batswana have secured their
                                                                  futures. We are passionate about providing financial solutions
                                                                  and advisory services that make a positive difference in the
                                                                  lives of our people, our customers and our communities. We
                                                                  have the heritage, experience and future-forward ambition to
                                                                  truly deliver. As a trusted partner to Batswana, we are truly
                                                                  committed to growing further, together by creating legacies
                                                                  and meeting Batswana’s needs for financial security through
                                                                  Life and More.”

                                                                  Insurance accounts for more of Botswana’s National GDP
                                                                  than in previous years, with Life contributing to 2.5% of GDP
                                                                  (2019) and short term contributing to 0.7% of GDP. As a
                                                                  leading insurer, Botswana Life has continued to champion the
                                                                  need for the sector to come together to ensure the promotion
                                                                  of best practice and the highest standards of professionalism
                                                                  in life insurance. This commitment is demonstrable through
                                                                  its Chief Executive Officer who holds positions as President
                                                                  of the Insurance Institute of Botswana (IIB) and Chairman of
                                                                  the Association of Life Underwriters Botswana (ALUB).
                  Ronald Samuels - Botswana Life CEO
                                                                  “Botswana Life plays a strong role in driving socio-economic
                                                                  prosperity.  Our  investment  in  Botswana’s  economy  is
                                                                  proportionate to our size and success. We proudly own our
                                                                  heritage and own our future, because we have the passion,
                                                                  heart, resolve and expertise to deliver on this. We are wholly
                                                                  committed to  Batswana and  wish  to  express our  sincerest
                                                                  gratitude for their continued support as we continue to
                                                                  grow further, together. This milestone is a testament to our
                                                                  unwavering commitment to make a meaningful impact in
                                                                  our Nation,” concluded Samuels.

                                                                  The business celebrates this incredible milestone with a
                                                                  renewed commitment to decades more of positive impact
                                                                  for and with Batswana, showing solidarity by helping them
                                                                  secure their futures.

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