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Editor’s Note


                                               he festive season is here but this year feels a bit   DIRECTOR OF MARKETING
                                               offish since we are still under the COVID-19      Herine Lilian Amuki
                                               pandemic. However, this new normal should
                                        Tnot bring us down. We should rather use this            EDITOR-IN-CHIEF
                                        time to re-focus, introspect and plan ahead for 2021 and   Ulla Setswalo
                                       One can only have high hopes for a more serendipitous      Gabriel Tlagae
                                       twelve months to come. Even so, it’s not been quite all    Merero Partners
                                       doom and gloom. From Noble’s perspective, 2020 has          Chris Douglas
                                       been a challenging year; we’ve been fortunate that the      Staff Writer
                                       magazine has continued to grow, as has our presence
                                       online and there are big plans afoot for next year, which   CONTRIBUTING AGENCIES
                                       we all cannot help but be excited about.                      Hotwire
                                                                                                  Horizon Ogilvy
                                      Once again, we are excited to have Letshego Group on           Incepta
                                      our cover page. This time, our cover is graced by the     The Dialogue Group
                                      newly appointed Letshego Group Chief Executive Officer,      Red Pepper
                                                                                                   PR Practice
                                      Andrew Okai. The cover story unravels what the financial   Native Impressions
                                      institution has been up to in the past few months despite
                                      the challenges of COVID-19.  We also celebrate Botswana’s   DESIGN & LAYOUT
                                      Ita Mary Mannathoko who has been appointed as Executive      Ulla Setswalo
                                      Director of the Africa Group 1 (AfG1) Constituency at the
                 International Monetary Fund (IMF), in Washington DC, USA. Good going for women   ABOUT THIS ISSUE
                 representation in high positions of power!                                   November-December 2020
                                                                                                 Volume 4, Issue 22
                 We also spent a considerable amount of time exploring business stories such as those
                 for Greenwealth and Cater Craters to showcase what businesses are going through   ONLINE ISSUE
                 during these trying times. The business journeys are inspiring and will motivate some
                 to keep going even when it gets tough. Botswana Telecommunications Corporation   ISSN 2520‐4610 (Online)
                 is also celebrating a milestone of 40  years in business, we couldn’t be more prouder!  ISSN 2520‐4602 (Print)
                 As we had planned to increase our coverage on the manufacturing sector, look out
                 for the articles on #PushaBW and The Bulb World. In terms of mining news, we are
                 honoured to have been invited to the launch of the Botswana Geoscience Institute new
                 brand unveiling. This is a great milestone for the organization and Batswana will benefit
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                 from this transition.                                                       by Noble Insider (Pty) Ltd, Plot 863,
                                                                                             Extension 2, Gaborone Botswana.
                 For something a little different, we featured Lactalis Botswana’s first wine and cheese   We have an Online publication
                 business interaction event. Although the tourism sector has been the hardest hit by   which is published monthly.
                 COVID-19, we share with you an interesting article titled ‘New Year: New Rules…’  to   CONTACT INFORMATION
                 look ahead and be optimistic that things can be better in the next year.        Tel / Fax +267 3116681
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                 Onwards and upwards then as they say. It remains only to say thank you to all our   Service, P.O. Box 402462 Gaborone
                 readers on behalf of team Noble for your support over the past four years, naturally it   Botswana or call +267 73 048 407
                 means the world to us. The magazine exists in all its forms for people who care about   For Article Reprints or Permission
                 business and corporate news and as we transition into 2021, our hope will surely be   to use Noble content including
                                                                                              text, photos, illustrations, logos,
                 that you will continue to find our scribblings on such matters enjoyable and compelling.   and video: e-mail nobleulla2020@
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