First National Bank Botswana Begins a New Chapter in Shakawe 


Cheers and warm welcomes filled the Shakawe community as FNBB officially opened their innovative, sleek and modern modular “Bank In A Can” design branch at the Saoshoko Ward, Plot 4441. This new branch design is to enhance banking experience and convenience for the people. 

“The opening of FNB’s Shakawe Branch marks a significant milestone in our commitment to offering accessible banking throughout the country. Our CashPlus agents and Bank on Wheels channels have made banking more accessible to marginalized communities, and the Shakawe branch, with its digital banking and self-service suite, will provide customers with a more enhanced banking experience. Our committed as the bank will always be about making a positive impact in the communities we operate in and look forward to growing with you,” said the FNBB’s CEO, Mr. Steven Lefentse Bogatsu. 

He continues to exclaim how FNBB is proud to have worked with a local company to build the branch, delivering on the bank’s promise of investing in communities and enabling innovation and citizen empowerment. 

Gracing his presence at the official opening is Bank of Botswana’s Governor Moses D Pelaelo, who speaks on the importance of financial inclusion and the economic well-being of Batswana, across the nation. He highlighted that the establishment of the Shakawe branch is a positive step towards achieving this goal and further complements our progress since entering the Botswana market in 1991.

“Let me urge you, members of the public, to embrace banking services to improve welfare, and in a secure manner as you traverse the digital banking landscape,” concluded Governor Pelaelo in his speech at the official opening ceremony of the First National Bank of Botswana Limited Shakawe Branch.


The Shakawe community is encouraged to visit the branch.

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