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Interactive Media Engagement by Khumo Properties

In an effort to continue collaborative efforts with the media, Khumo Properties hosted a media engagement event on 18 August 2022.The interactive session was held to give the company’s history, background on the specialist service offerings and diverse clientele. Khumo Properties team that included the Chief Executive Officer Outule Bale gave brief background of their roles, diverse project portfolios, ongoing developments and investment projects.
“Khumo Properties was established in 2005 as a joint venture between Botswana Insurance Fund Management (BIFM) and Eris Property Group of South Africa. We are tasked with wealth creation for our clients through property asset management and development. This is done through utilising our diverse service offerings such as property management, development, investment broking and retail leasing,” said Bale.
He further explained that the company oversees a property portfolio of about P5 billion. The team also shared some of the multi-million Pula renovations or developments that are happening across the country in some of the big malls, residential and office areas that they manage.
In concluding, Bale said, ” We wanted to engage with you so that you can understand what our company does and to help us in disseminating the right information to the public so that they also know that we do not own these properties but we manage these assets on behalf our clients.”

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