Investing in Children of Kokotsha: Learn To Play, Kokotsha VDC and Tsabong District Council Launch ECD Playgroup

 Kokotsha becomes the 10 th Learn To Play playgroup in Botswana
 Playgroup opened in partnership with the Kokotsha Village Development
Committee (VDC) and the Tsabong District Council
 90 children in Kokotsha to directly benefit

KOKOTSHA – The Kokotsha community, home to some 90 children, is one that
passionately believes in investing in the youth of today as future leaders of tomorrow. In
support of this, and with a desire to ensure children in the village more effectively learn
through play for truly brighter futures, Learn To Play is excited to launch its 10 th Botswana
playgroup in Kokotsha.
The playgroup was opened in partnership with the Kokotsha Village Development
Committee (VDC) and the Tsabong District Council on the 11 th of September 2023, in the
presence of Kgosi Kudume; Chief Social & Community Development Officer, Boitumelo
Pule; Deputy Council Chairman, Honourable Councillor Baitseweng; and Kokotsha
Councillor Jane.
“The establishment of Kokotsha Play Group is a very appropriate and relevant cause by
department of Social and Community Development in collaboration with Learn to Play, as
we all know that Early Childhood Education opportunities are critical and key for children's
psychosocial development. The positive outcomes of this initiative will trickle down to
improving the quality of life of not only the children enrolled, but Kokotsha as a whole,” said
Tsabong District Council Deputy Council Chairman, Honourable Councillor Baitsiwe.
Tsabong District Council made the necessary renovations to an old playgroup structure on
site, also supporting the playgroup with necessary resources so that the 40 children enrolled
in will experience leading ECD methods and approaches, inclusive of mindful play, creativity,
LEGO programmes, playful literacy, early brain development, and more. The playgroup will
begin by serving 40 children in the community until the end of 2023 and increase to 80 from
“When we say, “it takes a village to raise a child”, Kokotsha is that village! From the most
inspiring and supportive leadership at the Tsabong District Council – whose vision and
priority towards early childhood development brings us here today, to the leadership within

Kokotsha with the most committed civil servants, and our dedicated Mamapreneurs – we
have truly learnt the meaning behind that phrase,” said Learn To Play Founder and CEO,
Priyanka Handa-Ram. “Kokotsha stands as a model not just for our other community
playgroups across the country, but for the entire African continent on how policies,
programmes and communities need to devote time, effort and resources to nurturing our
children. Working with the Tsabong District Council and the leadership in Kokotsha to be
ready for opening, including renovating this incredible playgroup centre, has been so smooth
and efficient – all testament to the Council’s commitment to bring play-based learning to
Kokotsha, and indeed the district at large. Effective partnerships with local governments and
community leadership are key to forging a path to universal access to high quality early
childhood development in our beautiful Botswana.”
Three mamapreneurs identified by the Kokotsha community were trained in Gaborone for
two weeks in April this year on ECD essentials, managing and facilitating daily playgroups,
effective monitoring and evaluation, school readiness, digital literacy, child protection, first
aid and more. These phenomenal women are now part of the 35 Mamapreneur-strong
network of change-agents across Botswana within the Learn To Play ecosystem.
ECD plays a crucial role in a child's overall development, setting the foundation for their
cognitive, social, and emotional development.  Research has consistently shown that quality
of early education has a long-lasting impact on a child's academic performance, social skills,
and overall wellbeing and that children who attend high-quality early childhood education
programmes are more likely to perform better academically and have higher graduation
rates. These programmes help children develop empathy, self-regulation, and positive
relationships with peers and adults. These very impacts are being measurably reported
across Learn To Play playgroups in Botswana, and the impact is clear for all to see.
Learn To Play now operates play-based learning playgroups in 6 districts across Botswana,
and gaging and benefitting over 450 children in Pandamatenga, Bere, Kokotsha, Mabele, Nata,
Bontleng, Gopong, Kavimba, Kacgae, and Dukwi, working to create a sustainable framework
for development. Learn To Play is Inspired by Play and Informed by African communities,
just like that of Kokotsha.

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