MultiChoice Botswana launches Bots Top 5 on Channel O!

Overlooking the iconic view of the capital city at the Skyview Terrace MultiChoice Botswana brought together the crème de la crème of Botswana’s creative industry to launch Channel O’s newest music video countdown show, Bots Top 5.
Bots Top 5 is a music video countdown show which launches on DStv’s pan-African music channel, Channel O (DStv Channel 320) on 24 May at 22:00. TV and radio personality, Mduduzi ‘Mdu tha Party’ Madzwamuse will host each episode and delight viewers with his charisma, wit and undeniable knowledge of Botswana’s music scene and culture.
Airing every Wednesday for the next 10 weeks, Bots Top 5 will feature music videos from Batswana musicians along with exclusive artist interviews. Adding extra spice to the show, Mdu will also take viewers to different hotspots in Botswana to get an authentic feel for the local creative industry, arts and culture.
The Permanent Secretary for Ministry for State President, Goitsemang Morekisi, shared a powerful keynote speech touching on the Government of Botswana’s deliberate efforts to partner with the private sector to support the creative industry and its commitment to revive an industry that was battered by the COVID-19 pandemic.
The man behind the conceptualization of Bots Top 5 and multiple other programmes on Channel O and Mzansi Music channels, David Molotlhanyi, the Music Programming Manager for Local Music Channels (M-Net), emphasized that “The most important thing to us was that a local production company was behind Bots Top 5; 100% locally owned. It would’ve been very easy for us to send a crew from South Africa to do this production if we were worried about quality and management, but from what we’ve seen already, Botswana’s very much capable of working on a project of this magnitude.”
With Channel O being available on the DStv platform across 50 African countries, the show promises immeasurable exposure to both.

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