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Orange Money N’stakolle Mobile Micro-loans: Enhancing Financial Inclusion in Botswana


  •  Orange Money launches N’stakolle mobile micro loans advancing financial inclusion for its customers in Botswana
  •  Orange Money N’stakolle Loan: First in the market to be launched by Botswana’s leading mobile money operator

In their continued efforts to close the gap of financial exclusion, Orange Money Botswana has partnered with Access Bank Botswana to launch the N’stakolle Loan, a micro loan service available exclusively to Orange Money users.

N’stakolle is a ground-breaking offering in Botswana, allowing eligible Orange Money customers to instantly get an unsecured short-term loan between P50 and P1200. This offering was developed to better serve customers’ needs and provide a convenient, reliable, affordable and safe micro-loan service accessible through the mobile phone.

With N’stakolle, customers can now apply for instant loans with affordable service fees ranging from 7.5% to 12.5%%. The loan tenure ranges between 3 days and 30 days, and the loan interest charged will be based on the loan tenure. To be eligible for the N’stakolle loan, customers should fulfill the below listed requirements;

  • Have an active Orange Money account
  • Be active on Orange Money services for the last 6 months
  • Be aged 18 years and above

Fulfilling the requirements however, does not guarantee that a customer will be granted the loan. Eligibility and the loan amount will also depend on the monthly transactions done by customers, which include Cash-In transactions, Money transfers and Bill Payments, amongst others. Further correspondence should be made with Orange Money for detailed information.

Customers can go through the Orange Money menu to check if they qualify for a loan

To check eligibility for the N’stakolle Loan:

  • Dial *145#
  • Select option 2 ‘Orange Money Transactions’
  • Enter PIN
  • Select option 6 ‘N’stakolle Loan’
  • Select option 3 ‘Eligibility Check’

To request the N’stakolle Loan, Orange Money customers should:

  • Dial *145#
  • Select option 2 ‘Orange Money Transactions’
  • Enter PIN
  • Select option 6 ‘N’stakolle Loan’
  • Select option 1 ‘Request Loan’
  • Enter amount if eligible
  • Select repayment plan
  • Confirm transaction with your PIN

In their continued commitment to provide Batswana with innovative solutions that enable them to be closer to what matters most to them, Orange Money aims to create more solutions to promote financial inclusivity. What began as a basic electronic payment service has now evolved into a money lending solution with infinite potential. With the customer in mind, Orange Money commits to relentlessly pursue value creation innovative solutions geared to uplift Batswana and leave a long-lasting impact in the community.

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