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Ushering in a New Era of Championing holistic Wellness and Wellbeing Bomaid Celebrate 50+3 Years.

Board Chairman Fergus Ferguson says as BOMAID, the organization has obligations to perform but first, they need to ensure our service provider and stakeholder relationships are healthy and happy.

“We are proactively involved in ensuring not only better health and happiness outcomes but encourage our members to manage their wellbeing more,” said Ferguson.

“To move beyond just medical but to holistic wellbeing and we now launch 16 new heath plans that are more inclusive, more agile and more aligned to what we believe our members need of us today and into the future,” said Bomaid’s CEO Mr. Moraki Makgosana.

The First Lady of the Republic of Botswana, Neo Jane Masisi highlighted that healthcare is a fundamental pillar of any thriving society and it’s an issue that lies close to her heart.

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