Ke motlotlo thata and am filled with a great sense of purpose and pride to be
here on behalf of Mascom, as we hand over the proceeds of the Mascom
Batanani Walk 2023 to BOSASNet.

“Batanani” is an iKalanga word meaning, “tshwaraganang” and the Mascom
Batanani Walk is and all about coming together for change, in
acknowledgment that there is strength in unity and that “Change Starts with

Our intention and drive around the Mascom Batanani Walk is to shine a
spotlight and provide assistance towards a social issue that is heavily impacting
us as a nation. Through the Mascom Batanani Walk we have united behind
issues such as mental health, gender-based violence and the protection of our
children’s rights.

On 12 August this year, we gathered in Francistown for the 5th Annual Batanani
Walk, the 5th edition of Mascom UNITING with the nation to stimulate change in
our communities. This year the focus was on a social ill that affects our society
deeply, “drugs and substance abuse”. Our theme for this year was due to the
increasing use of illicit drugs and the rise of substance abuse across Botswana.
Statistics indicate that, in 2022 alone, close to 73% of drug abuse cases
recorded were amongst the youth, with 86% of those cases implicating the boy
child. These numbers are greatly concerning. They should also indicate that the
Mascom Batanani Walk 2023 theme, relating to drugs and substance abuse,

“Take The Step towards Social Recovery,” was not only relevant but significantly

We are gathered here today to handover to an organization that has been at
the forefront of the battle against addiction, the Botswana Substance Abuse
Support Network, more commonly known as BOSASNet. Through their tireless
efforts, BOSASNet has been providing comprehensive support and
rehabilitation services to individuals and families affected by substance abuse.
Their commitment to restoring lives and reintegrating individuals into society
cannot go unnoticed. Mma Mokgadi and your team, we applaud you and
urge you to continue the good work.

BOSASNet is one of the most resilient and longest serving organisations in the
fight against drugs and substance abuse. Though based in Gaborone, their
work is seen and felt across the country. Their footprint has also increased with
the recent opening of their office in Tsabong, congratulations on this

Mascom and BOSASNet, have a long-standing relationship. In 2015/2016, we
partnered with BOSASNet to raise funds. We are back here again, signifying an
appreciation of the work that BOSASNet is doing towards rehabilitation efforts
for those affected by drugs and substance abuse; and also showing that their
efforts need the support of us as corporate entities.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to the First
Lady of the Republic of Botswana, her Excellency Mrs Neo Jane Masisi for
taking time to be a part of this year’s Mascom Batanani Walk, a commendable
testament to her dedication and commitment to advocating against
substance use, particularly drugs, among youth in Botswana.

To all who registered and donated towards the Mascom Batanani Walk, well
done, we were but a vessel to channel your generosity to BOSASNet. Thank

you, for you truly heeded the call of the Mascom Batanani Walk, when you
showed that “Change Starts With You!”

My gratitude to the corporate sponsors and partners for your donations and
standing together with us in making a difference and supporting this important

I am therefore humbled to share that the donation to BOASANet today is (two
hundred and fifty-one thousand, eight-hundred and sixty Pula) P251,860.00! I
hope this donation will go some way in furthering their mission and
strengthening their ability to provide critical services to those in need. We
believe that by supporting BOSASNet, we are investing in the future of our
nation, a future where individuals can break free from the chains of addiction
and lead fulfilling, purposeful lives.

Bagaetsho, it is crucial that we recognize the importance of prevention,
intervention, and rehabilitation in tackling the issue of drugs and substance
abuse. Therefore, today’s event is not only about handing over the funds but
also about spreading awareness and knowledge. It is about fostering empathy,
understanding, and support for those who are struggling.

Jalo he, please take the message of this event back to your communities, your
workplaces, and your families. As we engage in open conversations, so too do
we educate ourselves and others, and break the stigma surrounding
addiction.. It is such that will give us a fighting change and ensure that
together, we are making a difference, one step at a time.

Thank you, and let us continue to walk hand in hand, a re tshwaraganeng,
united in our resolve to combat drugs and substance abuse and unitedin true
Mascom Batanani Walk spirit to recognise that “Change Starts With You”

Ke a Leboga!

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